Regular Activities Return

At long last, BayLands FrontRunners’ regular activities start to return, starting this Wednesday, May 26 at 6:30pm with our mid-week run at the Rancho San Antonio County Park.

The park is fully open, but trails less than 6 ft wide have been designated one-way trails. Most notably, this affects the Upper Wildcat Canyon trail – which currently is designated one-way from both ends, with the only exit in the middle, up and out over the summit via a steep climb. Before joining us, have a close look at the current map to plan your run – it shows all one-way traffic zones and all trails wider than 6 ft. Since the park does not currently offer printed paper maps you may want to make your own copy.

The park still maintains social distancing and some of the visitors will be wearing masks, particularly when passing others that are not part of their group. Please have a mask with you to wear when necessary.

What about our other regular runs, in particular about the regular 9:00AM Saturday run?

We don’t have a specific date when we can resume our regular Circle-Ups at the Baylands Athletic Center on Geng Road, but within the next week or two, we expect to receive more information from the park rangers. As soon as BayLands receives additional information when we can resume our tradition, everyone will be notified. STAY TUNED!

Rancho San Antonio County Park Map