How Do Other Frontrunners Clubs Cope With The Pandemic?

When the Coronavirus pandemic spread around the globe last year, every country, every state, every county took a different approach to regulating gatherings like the typical Frontrunners runs – and of course, everyone was hit at a different point in time.

Not everyone was hit as hard as BayLands FrontRunners: County regulations have been preventing us for almost a year now from doing anything that would resemble a proper club life as we know and love it. But elsewhere? Frontrunners clubs around the world came up with different ways to cope with the challenges – trying to make the most of the rules and regulations applying to them.

An always on the go fellow Frontrunner from Seattle, Weiwen Leung, took the time to capture the different approaches taken by different clubs around the world – and compiled their answers in a terrific 18-minute video, giving you a glimpse of what runners can or cannot do elsewhere.

In a few years’ time, this will be a great piece of Frontrunners history – but it’s yours to watch now.

You will hear from runners on six continents, representing the clubs of Seattle, Brisbane, New York, Toronto, Singapore, Pittsburgh, Wellington, Copenhagen, London, San Francisco, Madrid , Nairobi, Philadelphia, Paramaribo and Paris