About Baylands FrontRunners (BLFR)

BayLands FrontRunners is a primarily LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) running and walking club. Our home is in Palo Alto, so, when you are in the area: Please stop by.
It does not matter how serious or casual you are about your running and walking: First and foremost, we want you to have an enjoyable time in great company. You will always be welcome!
Some of our members participate in organized races – from 5K to ultra distance events – but that is not a must. Much more of our activity revolves around our Saturday fun run and walk, and, of course, around our many social activities. Just come and join us, you need not be a member.
We are a member of International Frontrunners umbrella organization and a registered member of USA Track and Field.

Becoming a Member

Once you have experienced what BayLands FrontRunners is about, we encourage you to become a member. Your annual dues ($36) include a subscription to the monthly BayLands TIDES newsletter.

To join, just show up at any Saturday run or head over to our registration page.