Update on 2020 Race Series

Over the past several months, a few FrontRunners have been participating in virtual events for the BLFR Race Series 2020: It’s a nice way to stay active and motivated and to mark the passage of time. However, COVID has changed the format for the summer.

Since we’re getting closer to fall, I am announcing that the race series through November will retain the virtual format. The East Bay Front Runners and Walkers have decided to make their Pride Run a virtual event. The exact time frame of the event is still being discussed but the organizers have told me they plan to center it around October 10, which is National Coming Out Day. Both of the remaining trial runs will also be virtual. As the expected date of the Christmas Relays gets closer I will hopefully have confirmation of the format the organizers plan to use and can share that.

Here is the schedule for the remaining events: