2020 Race Series resumes – virtually

With COVID-19, you may be wondering what is happening with the race series we started earlier this year. The race series took a pause to see how COVID-19 would unfold. Given current guidance from Santa Clara County, and the uncertainty on when larger groups will be allowed to meet, the club is resuming the race series with some changes.

First, events through September are all virtual. This means participate by signing up for the non-trial runs and then running or walking anywhere and reporting your results to the race organizer and to me. Second, we will evaluate in early August whether the October and later events can occur in-person and communicate a decision by August 7th.

The updated series is below.
Race series schedule (revised)

* Date was extrapolated from the 2019 edition. Date is being confirmed.

If you have subscribed to the BayLands calendar (go to the calendar and click on “Subscribe” at the bottom) , all these races have already been added.