Eternal BayLands Benefactor

Suggested Minimum: $30.00 on October 1st each year

Become an Eternal Benefactor to BayLands FrontRunners.

This version of your Benefactor commitment will repeat automatically every year on October 1 for the amount you choose today.

If you want to stop repeating your Benefactor Donation,  switch of “Auto renew” in your profile under “Renewals” or cancel.

First payment prorated. Next payment: October 1, 2024



For those who have asked about supporting the club, but don’t have time to take a volunteer position, we have instituted BayLands Benefactors.  For a donation of $30/year (or more), you can become a Benefactor and get a Benefactor trinket.  As always, a listing of Benefactors will be published in the TIDES.