About Baylands FrontRunners (BLFR)

BayLands FrontRunners is a primarily LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) running and walking club based in Palo Alto. Whether you’re serious or casual about your running or walking, you’ll be welcome.
Our members participate in organized races (5K to ultra distance events), relays and social activities.
Join us for a Saturday fun run / walk. You need not be a member to participate in any of our activities.
We are a member of the International Frontrunners umbrella organization and a registered member of USA Track and Field.


Becoming a Member

We encourage you to become a member of BayLand FrontRunners, which is open to all. Dues are $36 per year and include a subscription to the monthly BayLands TIDES newsletter.

To join, just show up at any Saturday run or click here:

Become a Member